Prata Ativa 250mL


Discover one of the safest and natural ways to heal yourself with countless ailments, from cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, bruises and skin infections. Silver reduces pain, calms skin inflammation, fights minor skin infections, and promotes the healing of the skin. No other natural product has as much a broad spectrum of applications. Keep it on hand for all of life’s minor and major health problems. It’s safe for children, pets, and plants as well. You will not get any complaints from kids or pets about the taste or if it stings on the application. It tastes like water, and when sprayed on it calms the skin, cleans wounds, and kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Unknown to many people, silver is one of the most powerful and safest healing elements of the periodic table. It is non-toxic, causes no side-effects when properly produced.

It is safe to use externally for wounds and you may also take it internally, up to an ounce (1-3x/day).


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Weight .411 kg
Dimensions 6 × 15 cm